For Parents

Currently you may be faced with the financial burden and time associated with making a doctors appointment to obtain your child's weight for their care team. MyClearStep solves this problem by providing a low-cost completely virtual experience for your clients.

We know that your top priority right now is likely trying to gain an understanding of how you can help your child beat their eating disorder. MyClearStep believes that every treatment plan is unique, and that this battle is not solely on your child or clinician. Parents are capable of playing a critical role in ED treatment plans such as in Family Based Treatment (FBT) and beyond. We want to support you in your role in your child’s treatment plan, and have created the opportunity to utilize MyClearStep with your child pending approval from their treatment team. Please be aware that your clinician has the right to revoke your access at any time.

Outlined below is the process for you to start using MyClearStep with your child. Based on the recommendation of our Clinical Advisory Board, the approving clinician has the right to revoke parental access based on their professional opinion.

1.   Purchase the one-time registration of $69 for each parent that needs access to the MyClearStep Clinician Portal. After purchase, you will be emailed a clinician approval form within 24 hours. 

2. Then, order the MyClearStep scale for your child. The scale is $99 new, or $84 refurbished, plus a subscription of $6.99/month.

3. After completing the purchase, you will be asked to create an account with MyClearStep. Keep the email and password for your records - your child will need the same credentials to log in to their app, and you will also need them to manage your billing and access your portal once approved.

4. Complete the clinician approval form, including the name and email of the clinician that has treated your child so we can obtain clearance from them. Once approved, you will be notified and gain access to the Parent admin portal and be able to monitor your child's measurements.