For Clinicians

Stay ahead by optimizing your virtual care

Currently clients are faced with the financial burden and time associated with making a doctors appointment to obtain their weight for their care team. MyClearStep solves this problem by providing a low-cost completely virtual experience for your clients.

COVID may have increased the need for virtual care, but virtual care will be here long after COVID. That’s because most clients actually prefer it.

Virtual care provides enhanced convenience and reduced travel time for your clients. As a result, you are much less likely to experience late and missed appointments and you both benefit from the increased continuity of care. MyClearStep allows you to monitor the way you need to without the hassle of obtaining measurements any other way. 

MyClearStep is a patented virtual care weight monitoring tool that eases the transition to and enhances the practice of telehealth.

Pairing with our numberless device makes monitoring weight a more gentle and seamless experience. Your client completes a weigh-in with MyClearStep and simply receives positive confirmation when the measurement is captured. No number or weight feedback is accessible to them.

Stay connected with your clients and monitor their progress with MyClearStep.

Here's how it works

No numbers or weight feedback

Complete a weigh-in in the app by stepping on your MyClearStep numberless scale. Receive numberless, positive confirmation when the measurement is captured.

Stay connected with your clients

Through the MyClearStep portal, you may access your client's measurements in real time and use that information as part of your treatment plan.

Keep it simple and scheduled

You can set up weigh-in reminders for your clients that will be delivered on their phone through the MyClearStep app.

MyClearStep Clinician Portal

• Get access to weight and body composition metrics in real time from your clients 

• 100% HIPAA and privacy compliant with strong encryption 

• Supports single and multi-location practices

• Support for multiple clinicians within a practice to manage clients

• Reporting capabilities for weight history trends by individual and group 

• Customized weight monitoring and alert AI available to track if clients’ weight trends outside of threshold set* 

*Premium feature, additional fees apply

We are excited to announce that MyClearStep has partnered with Healthie Inc. to provide you with an even more seamless way to access your clients’ biometrics.

This will enable you as a provider, or organization administrator, to view data inputs from your clients within your Healthie portal, and download Reports with aggregated information on a universal, per group, or per client basis.